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Published by admin on 28 Sep 2008

Student orgy with a sexy brunette girl

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This story is about an irresistible brunette girl that wanted some hot student sex with a handsome boy that she liked. The thing she didn’t know is that the guy invited over two of his best friends. Suddenly the whole thing turned into a wild student sex party. This nude student started on sucking and fucking these hard cocks till the boys’ jizzed on her tits and belly.

Published by admin on 22 Sep 2008

Student fuck party in a bar

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This is about a bunch of nude students that don’t like romantic sex in a room with candles and love songs they chose threesome or foursome. After a few drinks these three glamorous girls unleash their fury on the boy’s cocks. It’s amazing to see these innocent chicks enjoy this wild student orgy. The booze works like a sex potion for these cock hungry bitches.

Published by admin on 12 Sep 2008

Nude students on couch

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It’s weekend and it’s time for a nice student fuck party. There are some naughty students that like to celebrate every end of the week with some booze and a student orgy. After these shy girls empty the beer bottles the real deal begin. These nude students start on giving extreme blowjobs and fucking their friends till exhaustion. I’m sure that these chicks don’t remember a thing on the next day.

Published by admin on 04 Sep 2008

Extreme student orgy

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Every Sunday two nude students invite a cute girl at their place for a hardcore student orgy. This Sunday they invited a tanned girl with perfect shaped boobies and stunning tushy. This gorgeous chick doesn’t seem to be shy and she really enjoys the hard work these boys do. I must say that these two students have a good reputation between girls regarding their student sex session.